Anthem for the Recovery.

Wrote a new one a few months ago with Skip Adams.

Entitled, "THE AMERICAN HEART" Give it a listen here.

"Crimes Against Ohio" is a Finalist!

Click Here to Go Vote For Crimes Against Ohio

Thanks to everyone who took time out of their lives and voted for Crimes Against Ohio in the NSAI / CMT Contest. It was an honor to be in the group of finalist with such great writers.

There IS Love!

Chelsey Bellnier released her CD on December 5th, 2006. It includes a recording of my song, There Is Love. The recording features pedal-steel legend, John Hughey and a host of great musicians. Chelsey is only 15, and is an amazing talent at that age. You can listen to some clips from her CD at her website:, and you can purchase her CD while you're there.

Make sure to leave her a note to tell her I sent you!

New Collaboration across the Atlantic

Diane Rulliere wrote an awesome lyric recently. Entitled "Speechless" I recently penned a melody that seemed to pour off the page of Diane's Lyric. I think you'll enjoy it. Check it out by clicking here.

Two Songs Published!

I'm pleased to announce that Look To You and There Is Love have just been signed with Weaver of Melodies Music (A Bug Music Company) WOM Music will be pitching the songs, primarily to Bluegrass and Country markets. WOM music recently had a cut on Del McCourey's 2004 Bluegrass Album of the Year.

Beth Stalker releases Jazz CD.

If you haven't heard Beth sing Jazz, you haven't heard Beth at her best. This is a great CD with classic standards and new takes on pop favorites with a jazz standard feel. Make sure to get a copy of this CD. Check out Beth's Site, here.

New Tune with Randy Arwine!

Randy is truly an inspired lyricist. Check out our new tune Return To Me.

Nashville Gathering!

Back from Nashville with some new demos that are up for a listen. "Beautiful", featuring Dave Brooks on vocal, produced by Galen Breen. Also, Bill McDermott (Engineer on "How Do You Get So Lonely" by Blaine Larson) produced "I Have To Think Of You" with Donna Galbraith on vocal. Donna and I cowrote the song.

While in Nashville I got to meet Donna Galbraith for the first time!.

Duane Allen Harlick CD Released

Duane has just released his new CD, titled " know a Whale" Check it out at CD Baby. Also, make sure to check out the latest photos and fun stuff at Duane's Website,

Tsunami Relief Benefit:

Saturday, January 15th, I had the pleasure of performing some of my tunes at a benefit concert for the victims of the Indian Ocean Tsunami. I was in great company with Steve Naseef, Tiren Jhames and a phenomenal band who I will call "Soup". Brendan Marron on Bass, Brad Giamo on Drums, and Marc DuBois on Keys. Also playing with the band was Steve Naseef on Guitar and vocals, and Tiren Jhames on Percussion and Lead Guitar.

What a great time and we earned upwards of $1,500 to send to relief organizations working in the torn areas of the Indian Ocean. Thanks to all who came and supported our efforts. A special thanks to Marc, and Marty DuBois who graciously opened their home and fed 200+ people. It was a roaring success and we thoroughly enjoyed playing and singing for all who attended.


Been in the studio and the word processor, reworking some tunes. Give a listen to The Real Me and Two Faces.

CD Releases:

IndieSpirit.Net CD Release!

Inside of each of us, there's a desire to be heard. Experience music that shares their story and refreshes the spirit. This 12 song collection of independently produced music captures the true essence of freedom. The artists on this CD were selected out of hundreds of submissions to represent some of our community's singer/songwriters. IndieSpirit.Net

Chris Cheshire

Chris Cheshire released her new CD "Thank You" in May. Great stuff! A wide variety of styles but what a spirit. Produced by Danny Cox and Michael King, this CD is top notch. Some of the greatest musicians in Detroit back up Chrissy on several of the most endearing tunes you will ever hear. Check her out and buy yourself a CD at

Beth Stalker

Recently, Beth Stalker released her first CD. I encourage you to check it out, and buy 2. You can always use a hostess Gift! I talked with her the other night and sales are going great! She recenlty qualified for the regional finalist for Nashville Star, and she sings Jazz! You can get all the info you need at

Collaboration Across the Atlantic

I have met many writers online over the past year. Two of them are Peter Simensky and John Howarth, both from Manchester, England. Peter is a drummer and John is a keyboardist. They had a band called the Meteors, back when, and opened for the Rolling Stones in their day.. What am I talking about.. this is their day.

Recently, I took one of John's melodies and wrote lyrics and sang the song named "Path That Leads To You" with John's Instrumentation. Its a unique result, that although I classified as Adult Contemporary, is actually very hard to classify. You be the judge.

I'll be meeting both John and Pete in Nashville the first week of April. Its going to be a blast!



2003 News
New Video Released!

Kensington just released the new Open Wide Release Concert Video on DVD. The concert has all of the songs from the Kensington Open Wide CD as well as testimonial videos of some of the artists. Really awesome! Plus, it includes special features like a look back stage, and interviews with the Cast and Production staff. Check out Tiren Jhames performing "Look To You" in streaming web video! Visit the Kensington Open Wide Website and get your copy of the CD and the DVD. CD/DVD Packages available.

Honorable Mention

I was humbled to be given an honorable mention for "Look To You" in the 2003 Contemporary Christian Music Network International Songwriting contest. You can catch the details, here.

What a Party!
Tiren Jhames, Ryan Stuart, and I perform "Look to You"
Kensington held the release party for its new CD, "Open Wide",  and what a party it was! In the tradition of Kensington, technical excellence was everywhere. The performance of the CD was great. A total of 13 songs were performed by as many artists and writers. Tiren Jhames performed "Look to You", and the concert was filmed for an upcoming DVD release. The Kensington technical team is nothing short of amazing. What a great night! Highlights of the evening are available here.

Just added! Kensington now has online ordering of the Open Wide CD. Click here to sample the other songs and order the CD.

"Look to You" Recorded
"Look to You" was chosen to be one of a (baker's) dozen songs to be recorded on an upcoming CD project sponsored by Kensington in Troy, MI.

Scheduled for release on June 6, 2003, Kensington plans to perform the songs from the CD, live, that evening at the June Listening Room performance at 7PM and again at 9PM. These performances will also be recorded for an upcoming DVD, so come and get in the picture. Tickets are $7.00 and are available at Kensington or at the door.

Tim Wheeler & Tiren Jhames

The recording was arranged and produced by Danny Cox, who played percussion and guitar on the track. Tiren Jhames (aka TJ) was on vocals. On piano (1898 7' Steinway) was Ben West, and on Bass, Dave Wilson. Engineering was provided by Danny Cox and by Steve Capp of Studio A, in Dearborn Heights, MI.

Wow! Great Music! Really fresh production! This is an awesome CD. Make sure to get your hands on a copy.

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